Script Flip

Sometimes when you put out into the universe the things that you want and need....they come. Just...do those things come when you feel you need 'em?

I have been acting on a lot of the things that I wanted to take care of this summer. That hasn't been too bad.

Did I mention that I love having all this time off? It's helping to clear my head about lots of things. The things that I need in my life are quite simple. I feel like perhaps I shouldn't overcomplicate my life with too much at once.

Most of the basics, I have. . .and another one is just now developing out of nowhere (maybe more on this later).

Summer is almost over, so that means it's time to begin some more new things that have been waiting for me to take advantage of them. I'm working like hell to drop the fears and just do.

Inspirations and admonitions are coming from everywhere, steering every move I make. Some new things that I never saw coming are developing, just when I thought I made the final decision on them. Why do things always happen this way for me. Just when I think I have reached a final decision on something, in no time, a new opportunity presents itself? Is this some kind of test? Are these the kinds of things I need to face to develop a life of integrity?
So again, the only consistency I feel in my life is inconsistency....change. How will I roll with it this time?

Well, it's time to clean the cat's litter box....



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