Okay, I took this from Facebook-- a site that is frighteningly addictive. So, I figure I'll get some mileage out of this piece and update the blog at the same time. Perhaps I'll have more to say soon. Until then though, here are:

25 Random Things About Jenny

1. I now live in Brooklyn, after bouncing back and forth from PA to Brooklyn. So far I've lived in PA twice in my lifetime.

2. As a little girl, I once got my head stuck in an iron fence on Utica Avenue here in Brooklyn...an experience that surprisingly had a more profound lesson learned (take your time and try to calm down in crisis situations)

3. I have the most vivid dreams of anyone I know and a journal where I have written most of them down (contact me sometime, I'll tell you about them).

4. I once had 5 piercings. I have since let 3 of them close up.

5. In high school, I went on a youth pilgrimage to Poland. I lived in a youth hostel, ate roadside grilled kielbasa (still the BEST I've ever tasted), and stood in the gas chambers of Auschwitz during my visit. Powerful.

6. I didn't catch the chicken pox until I was sixteen and in high school. I was supposed to star in a musical, but my poor friend had to fill in for me instead (sorry Lisa!)

7. I got to meet Mos Def at a youth rally in Brooklyn, before he became large

8. I once got booted off a stage by Ed Lover & Bill Bellamy.

9. In my next lifetime, I'd like to be a radio DJ again as "The Mackstress"

10. I absolutely love reading good books, especially science fiction and horror.

11. I once took bellydancing classes and I plan to go back for more.

12. I never learned to swim. Still need to get the whole "don't try to breath in water" part down.

13. In the past, a person I was dating showed up at my home with two of the strangest gifts: a plaster, full-color mask of his face (life-sized), and hershey's kisses with the little papers pulled out and replaced with even smaller papers which each said "Jenny" printed in frighteningly meticulous fashion. All of this in a shoe box. Dude.

14. My friends and I have walked out on a restaurant bill because there was a potato in the sangria. They never even missed us!

15. My husband and I both have aunts who were named Juanita Johnson (at some point in their lives) and who were widowed by husbands named Uncle Eddie.

16. My colleague and I have gone to the Christmas Party, slept (more like passed out) at our boss's house, and gone right back to work with the same clothes on.

17. I remember bits and pieces of my own birth. I am lucky enough to have verified the details with the only other person who was there at the time--my mother.

18. I was once a Eucharistic Minister.

19. I once played hooky in sixth grade, and my mother called the cops. Needless to say, I got it that day (old schoolers you know what's up)

20. When I was much younger, I used to sleep on my sister's back. And she let me (now that's love).

21. I miss writing terribly. Writing has taught me to choose my use of words carefully to make a powerful impact. Here are four that should only be used if you really mean it: promise (i agree Vaish), love, yes and friend.

22. Like my brother in law Steve, I love going to the movies alone.

23. I am an avid foodie and I love trying new things. Sometimes, I'll watch a movie just because I love the food they prepare in it. Yet, the series "Man vs. Food" periodically grosses me out.

24. I have had every black woman's hairstyle in existence excepting only the Jheri curl (and its greasy descendants) and the weaves that need to be sewn in.

25. I love my family, both the one I was born into, and the new fam I have gained through marriage.