New News

I'm done with my Masters of Science in Teaching! Hurrah! Remember the Science Portfolio/Thesis? I got an A! Oh yeah!

School is done for the year! I am now in teacher shutdown mode. Soon, perhaps in a week or so, I'll enter vacation mode as well.

Sadly, my relationship with the boyf didn't last. I had to end it. I'm kind of depressed about it...but at the same time I know that it had to be done. If one was to refer to this blog for answers as to why the relationship ended, s/he might be utterly confused. Suffice it to say, there were many things about which the truth was not told. Ugh. More on this later.

I moved into my new apartment, and it's great! I still have stuff to unpack, but it's fine. I'll get to that this summer

Thinking of beginning my own business. I'm itching for a new project right now, and I have several prospects brewing. . .

That is it for now. I'm sure I will be back here with some more news as these things develop.



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