it's hard...

It's hard when you realize that the things you once loved are no longer the same...that they've just changed forever....and worse yet---that you have to get rid of them, and let. them. go.

letting go is extremely hard:
when your heart has been so into it

when you did everything in your power to nuture it, and it still doesn't work

when you know that you can't overcome the wrong turns

when life--just being itself--doesn't give you the answers you were looking for

when you realize that it (whatever "it" is) is just out of your control. there is nothing you can do about what is about to happen

when you can't forget how good things once were, but at the same time, you can't ignore all of the big, glaring red flags that say that "things have changed" and "the situation is no longer good for you"

when you realize this thing you loved is no longer good for you, yet you wonder how it got to this point

letting go is just so fucking hard

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