so, i says, "mabel..."

i get a call from my dad the other day to tell me that he has an announcement to make at his girlfriend's "holiday" party this Saturday.

i wish i could lie and say i wonder what it will be. i think he's going to marry her. but why am i pissed? shouldn't i be happy like i've been saying all along about their relationship? there i go being human again, because damn if i didn't feel betrayed, crying into my fiance's arms. what's my problem?

is she trying to be my mother? no. but i still feel like he's casting her aside for this, this "woman." it's confusing. i can remember being happy that they were together....i want daddy to be happy. but...i don't like her.

did i even give her a chance? ever? really?

i'll find out on Saturday. yeah, i started not to go because i didn't want to hear it. but that's childish, and i know it. i can be a big girl and withstand some holiday cheer for a few hours in Cherry Hill. ugh.

Creator help me!

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